Counter Top Unit

Over the years we recognise that the control board ‘write error’ can occur if the onboard processor receives a high or low input voltage to the processor without reason. To correct this issue resetting the mainboard is required – ON/OFF for 20 seconds at the main switch. if this continues to occur the mainboard will need to be replaced

If the display shows hexadecimal or characters not language, resting the machine will clear these characters and reset the display. If it occurs continually or the chargers shift across the display please check the earth connection on the display is fitted securely.

It has been noticed the control buttons sometimes will not activate or will stick on machines that are installed at high volume sites. It may be necessary to replace the buttons during the maintenance cycle to ensure operational functionality is not affected. This has been seen on sites extracting 50 kgs per week on average. Please speak to your Aremde representative if parts are required.

Clock Off is the result of the machine being reset. This can be done when the enter button is held while the machine is OFF.

Always charge the scales every night, Do NOT update the software unless you have the correct firmware loaded in the Acaia APP.

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