How AREMDE is changing how we think about design.

We discuss how rethinking the espresso machine has impacted our product design.

How do you use design? What factors should you consider? Why is Aremde trying to change how we think about design?

Choosing the design of your cafe can be difficult. Many factors come into play. Do you want your cafe to be minimalist, with neutrals and natural stone finishes? Or do you choose a bold and colourful aesthetic with rich jewel tones and luxe velvet interiors? Will your space mirror the beauty of your cafe location or will your cafe transport your customers away to cities abroad? These are all things we take into consideration when constructing the perfect interior. Your design is considered, intentional and important to your brand. 

However, the traditional coffee machine is often dismissed as a necessary evil,  a ‘wall of steel’ that detracts from the elegance of your bench space. 
AREMDE changed this narrative, introducing NEXUS One, a coffee machine designed to be the statement piece to your cafe whilst improving the overall flow of your space.
We decided to take things a step further with STYLUS One. No matter how intricate your design is, the possibilities are endless. Customise your machine with pictures, patterns, colours and logos to boost your business identity to the max. Can’t decide on a design? Or maybe you want different designs for spring and winter? No problem. STYLUS One allows you to remove and replace the front and barista-side panels with a simple click-in mechanism.

Take your design a step further and change the colour of the inner and outer shell to create the ultimate statement machine! 

The possibilities are endless. The only limit is your imagination.

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