Why is lighting is so important in product design?

We discuss the power of lighting in design and how it can transform the customer experience. Find out how influential lighting was in AREMDE product design. ​

What is the purpose of light? Functionally, it illuminates your cafe space to improve visibility. After all, you need to see what you are doing to make a good coffee. However, light is so much more important than this. In art, it is used to influence mood, highlight shape and colour and frame the subject. When designing our first machine, NEXUS One, we asked ourselves why these principles were not seen in coffee machines. As a design company, we felt it necessary to consider light as not just a functional tool, but an artistic one too. 

Our machines are designed for openness and transparency. They serve as the ‘stage’ for the barista, with the machine walls framing the barista as they work. With this in mind, we decided to incorporate lighting inspired by stage lights.

We added spotlights beside each group head, functional for early-morning coffee and late-night expresso making. The spotlights highlight the drip tray, the stage, and our main character, the espresso shot. The perforated panels on the barista side frame the coffee machine. These lights illuminate the buttons and display and allow the complexities and undertones of the paintwork to truly come to life. 

An AREMDE machine is the centrepiece of your cafe bench. It is a love letter to form and function. Each machine we produce we are incredibly proud of. Like an artist, when you’re proud of your work, you sign it. That’s exactly what we did, placing our AREMDE logo on the front of every machine. We wanted to illuminate this too. 

Once we determined where we wanted to light our machine, the question of colour and tone was raised. How do we convey elegance, beauty and drama through light? Harsh and cool-toned lighting made the machine look sterile and less inviting. Ultimately, we decided on a warm, soft cream hue, drawing inspiration from the crema of coffee. The light was diffused to give a soft, ambient glow. 

All of these elements create the ultimate show-stopping machine. The perfect coffee is created by the skilled hands of the barista. Why hide their talent behind a wall of steel? Our use of light is just one of the ways we celebrate and appreciate this.

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